Recent Surprises At My Book-Signing

I have to admit I am still in a bit of shock along with happy moments after Saturday (Oct. 12th) book-signing at E-Town Coffee Company in Elizabeth, IL. A large contingent of my cousins on my father’s side braved the chilly temperatures and windy conditions to surprise me at my book-signing and make it a very special day. My heart-felt thanks to all of you for coming and purchasing my book ON THE AIR. If that wasn’t enough, a lady attended my book-signing that had listened to me on the radio in the 70’s in Freeport, IL and also when I was employed at the Platteville, WI. radio station in the early 2000. In addition a man show up who I played high school basketball against some 50+ years ago. Then to top off the day my sister drove down from Sun Prairie, WI. to surprise me. What a special special day it was. I can not thank Jodie Korte of E-Town Coffee Company in Elizabeth, IL. enough for hosting Saturday’s book-signing. She and her staff did a ‘yeoman’ job of taking care of the large crowd who patronized her business all day long; and they did it with a smile and always a pleasant greeting. It will take me a few days to gather myself after such a busy and glorious day. My thanks to everyone for coming Saturday, and thank you for all the support you have given me not only during my book-signings but also throughout the many years.